the colourless clown


The Colourless Clown is a wearable technology costume that draws on inspiration from post-humanism and the circus.

In collaboration with Harriet Johnson & Yuyu Shwe


In the year 2084, the air is toxic and the world is all but abandoned. In order to adapt, the human race has evolved their lungs in order to breathe the tainted air. The Colourless Clown, however, was not born with this ability and became a laughing stock to the public. The only work she would find was as a circus performer. In order to survive, she must wear these giant filters (pom poms) as part of her costume.


In heavily polluted areas she touches her "lungs", triggering them to light up and add more power to the filtration."


The Colourless Clown was pre-selected for the World of Wearable Arts 2016 show.


NeoPixel LEDs


Conductive fabric


Plastic pipe

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