I work in the intersection of creativity and technology to bring innovative and engaging experiences to the wider public in both digital and physical environments.

auckland, nz

+64 21 202 1452


Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Bachelor of Creative Technologies
2015 - 2017


Global Leaders Experience Auckland 
Common Purpose Group | Feb 2017

• Providing the skills and networks to work
across cultural boundaries and become a 
global leader.

Venture Up 
Creative HQ | Jan 2017 - Feb 2017

• The leading entrepreneurship accelerator
for New Zealand’s young aspiring leaders.



Jr. Creative Technologist Intern
One Fat Sheep | Mar 2017 - Feb 2018

• Providing knowledge of emerging technologies to conceptualise innovative digital campaigns using digital realities - AR/VR/MR.


Creative Technologist (Contract) 
DOTDOT | April 2018 - Feb 2019 

• Design, develop and manage interactive

experiences - AR/VR, interactive installations.


• Analytical 

• Conceptual

• Creative thinking

• Problem solver

• Entrepreneurial

• Collaborative

• AR/VR/MR - Unity Engine
• Creative Coding - Java, Processing
• Physical Computing - Arduino, sensors, robotics
• Rhino CAD
• Wearable Technology
• HTML, Web Design• Art/Design - Illustration, painting, installations
• Writing/ Content Creation
• Maker/Hacker 

• Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator
• Microsoft Office - Word, PP, Excel


Colab: Creative Technologies - Spark Unleashing Potential Award
SparkNZ | Nov 2016

Awarded to a talented Colab: Creative Technologies student to help unleash their potential.


Ellen Melville Centre Award 
Ellen Melville Centre | Nov 2017

Awarded to project ‘Mindfulness’ for an excellent public installation to engage the community.


The Big Idea Award 
The Big Idea | Nov 2017

Awarded to Claudine Nalesu for a talented, innovative individual with exceptional creative potential.     |    @claudinebct