interactive centrepieces

aut business awards


Eighty interactive centrepieces for AUT's 2017 Business Awards. 
The client wanted simple, yet stunning and effective pieces that represented AUT's vision.

In collaboration with Chelsea Pratt & Carina Webb


Each centrepiece has been individually handcrafted to emulate
the progress and achievement that is celebrated through these
business awards.

The material contrast between the light aluminium and heavy
concrete represents the importance of building strong foundations
to allow for creation and expansion to develop in harmony with
one another; with the ascending spiral form symbolising journey,
connection, and growth.

The technology behind the centrepieces involves RGB LED Strips, an Impact Sound Sensor, and an Adafruit Trinket. When the audience claps, the sensor picks up the sharp frequency and through coding makes the LED strips twinkle, creating an interactive experience.


Impact sound sensor

RGB LED strips

Adafruit trinket



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