look, but don't touch


Wearable technology project that challenges our views on society and how we interact with it.

Received the Colab: Creative Technologies Spark Unleashing Potential Award


“Look, but don’t touch” incorporates specific traits of the cultural archetype “Tricksters” such as rule breaking/choices and hunger, while tying to the societal issue of “rape culture” and how clothing plays a part as a communication device.


This is shown in the form of three wearable technology pieces:


“Repel” – Meant as a defensive piece to ward off interaction using sudden inflation.


“Attract” – Contrasting to Repel, meant to attract interaction using a slight delicate fluttering motion.


“Transcend” – A piece that makes Repel, Attract and materialism itself seem insignificant by using a clean, simple look with LED’s on the back to illuminate the mannequin/the person within. 


The aim of this project is to challenge and raise questions about “rape culture” by creating trickster clothing to make people ask themselves “why

would someone want to wear this?” and “why would they need to wear this?” reflecting on the society we live in today.


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